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A + B ------> AB is what type of reaction?
a) decomposition
b) combination
c) single replacement
d) double replacement

A reaction that has oxygen as a reactant and usually has carbon dioxide and water as products is a _____ reaction.
a) single replacement
b) double replacement
c) combustion
d) combination

AB ----> A + B is a ______ reaction
a) single replacement
b) combustion
c) combination
d) decomposition

The activity series of metals is used to determine whether or not a ______ reaction has occurred.
a) single replacement
b) double replacement
c) combination
d) comubstion

When two aqueous solutions mix and two things trade places with each other, a ______ reaction has occurred
a) double replacement
b) single replacement
c) combustion
d) combination

Starting substances in a reaction are known as:
a) products
b) reactants
c) thingies
d) doo-hickeys

The symbol (aq) means:
a) liquid
b) solid
c) dissolved in water
d) a catalyst

The reaction A + BC ----> B + AC is a _____ reaction
a) double replacement
b) combination
c) decomposition
d) single replacement

In a combustion reaction, ____ is required in order for the reaction to take place.
a) carbon dioxide
b) a metal
c) oxygen
d) water

Ions that do not participate in a chemical reaction are ____ ions
a) useless
b) spectator
c) positive
d) negative

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