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Which source has the appropriate qualifications to be considered a credible source of information about army life during the American Revolution?
a) recent novel set in the 1770s
b) a Hollywood movie about the American Revolution
c) a journal written by a soldier during the American Revolution
d) a propaganda pamphlet written by a group of loyalists

Which of these qualifications would make a source credible?
a) the ease of availability of the source
b) the race and gender of the author
c) use of stereotypes
d) the circumstances in which the author prepared the source

Which of these could NOT influence the credibility of a source?
a) the age an the author was when they wrote it
b) The weather of the day it was written
c) who the author is
d) Where the source was found

Which of these are a primary source?
a) A picture posted on Snapchat picture of a newspaper
b) a Wikipedia article Donald Trump
c) An interview with a Vietnam Veteran
d) An article in the Cleveland Plain Dealer on the Paris Attacks

Which of these is a Credible Secondary Source?
a) A Wikipedia article the Kennedy Assassination
b) An Encyclopedia Britannica article on 9/11
c) A propaganda poster from WWII
d) A letter to the editor about the Vietnam War

What is it that you must ALWAYS remember when it comes to credibility?
a) That the sky is blue
b) That Everyone/ Everything has Bias
c) That Wikipedia is a trusted resource
d) That everything that is written always tells the truth

True or False: A photograph of a plane going into the World Trade Center is a Secondary Source
a) True
b) False

True or False: A newspaper article is a Primary Source
a) True
b) False

True or False: Every thing/ Person has a bias
a) True
b) False

True or False: History is important for understanding the past
a) True
b) False

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