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WW II And Holocaust.[print questions]

What happened to Adolf Hitler at the end of World War II ?
a) He went to prison.
b) The Russians executed him.
c) He killed himself. (Committed sucide.)
d) He escaped to South America.

What actions did the United Nations take as result of the Holocaust?
a) divided Palestine and Germany
b) defeated Hitler and freed the Jews
c) helped the Jews find jobs and shelter
d) created a Jewish state and made genocide a crime

What happened to people who spoke out against Hitler in Germany?
a) They were sent to Siberia.
b) They were put under house arrest.
c) Some were put in prison; others were murdered.
d) Some were allowed to leave Germany; others were arrested.

Who was spared in the Holocaust?
a) children
b) men
c) women
d) no one

What event brought the United States into World War II ?
a) Italy declared war on the US
b) Germany invaded Poland
c) Japan bombed Pearl Harbor
d) Germany declared war on the US

What is genocide?
a) forced labor or slavery
b) the planned killing of a race of people
c) the division of Palestine into Arab and Jewish states
d) not shown

Who was the leader of the Soviet Union during World War II?
a) Winston churchill
b) Joseph Stalin
c) Beninto Mussolini
d) Franklin Roosevelt

World War II began when Germany invaded what country?
a) Poland
b) Russia
c) France
d) Denmark

Who created the country of Israel?
a) Allies
b) Arabs
c) Nazi Germany
d) United Nations

What war was during the years of 1939-1945?
a) World War I
b) The Great War
c) World War II
d) The Cold War

During World War II Germany, Italy, and Japan's alliance was called the
a) Central Powers
b) Allied
c) Axis

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