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How does Scout get the mob of men to leave the jailhouse?
a) She scares them away while wearing her ham costume
b) She begins crying
c) She addresses Walter Cunningham’s father
d) All of these examples are true

Why are many residents of Maycomb angry with Atticus?
a) He has been assigned to defend a black man
b) He is a politician and a lawyer
c) He is actually going to defend Tom
d) All of these examples is true

What is the MAIN reason Scout hates school?
a) Miss Caroline encourages her to stop reading and writing
b) Jem ignores her at school
c) The Ewells bully her
d) She struggles with arithmetic

What does Jem lose while escaping the Radley yard?
a) Atticus's watch
b) His pants
c) His shirt
d) His shoes

Whose home burns down in the novel?
a) Miss Stephanie's
b) Aunt Alexandra's
c) Miss Maudie's
d) Tom Robinson's

Why does Dill run away from home?
a) His stepfather beats him
b) His mother and stepfather ignore him
c) His mother is moving away
d) All of the examples mentioned are reasons why Dill ran away

Why does Jem have to read to Mrs. Dubose every day?
a) He is being punished for stomping her camellias
b) He is being punished for breaking her window
c) He is being punished for stomping her camellias AND breaking her window
d) It is an extra credit assignment for school

How does Tom Robinson die?
a) He is sentenced to death by electrocution
b) He is lynched by a mob
c) He is shot by guards at the prison
d) He is shot by Bob Ewell

What great “mistake” does Tom make during his testimony?
a) He calls Atticus by his first name
b) He admits to going to the Ewell’s on multiple occasions
c) He says that he pities Mayella
d) All of the examples mentioned are mistakes

Why does Mr. Dolphus Raymond pretend to be drunk?
a) So that no one asks him to share his considerable wealth
b) So that he doesn’t have to attend the trial
c) So that everyone will more readily forgive him for choosing to live with black people
d) All of the examples mentioned are correct

What is Cecil’s current event that he shares at school?
a) The Rise of Hitler
b) Jim Crow Laws
c) Reemergence of the Ku Klux Klan
d) The Great Depression

Which of the following IS NOT an unusual happening in Chapter 27?
a) Bob Ewell gets a job and then quickly loses it
b) Bob Ewell harrases Helen Robinson
c) Mayella Ewell moves out of the Ewell household
d) Someone breaks into Judge Taylor’s home

Which of the following IS NOT something Boo leaves in the knot-hole for Jem and Scout?
a) Indian-head pennies
b) Chewing gum
c) A pocket watch
d) A toy soldier

How does Heck Tate protect Boo from a trial?
a) He will claim that Jem killed Bob Ewell
b) He will claim that Bob Ewell has died of natural causes
c) He will hide Bob Ewell’s body
d) He will claim that Bob Ewell fell on his own knife

What do we learn about Atticus during the rabid dog scene?
a) He is afraid of dogs
b) He has never shot a gun
c) He is an incredible marksman (a great shot)
d) He has never killed an animal before

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