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Our Dynamic Earth Test Review Study Guide- 5th Grade Chapter 5 Science FL Please Still Study The Section On Running Water And How It Affects Erosion, Weathering, And Deposition. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

Movement of weathered rock is called
a) weathering
b) precipitation
c) deposition
d) erosion

A measure of the amount of energy released during an earthquake
a) magnitude
b) Newtons
c) Force
d) degrees

A giant wave caused by an underwater earthquake is known as
a) tsunami
b) focus
c) Mercalli
d) epicenter

Which volcano is shaped like a pointed cone with a magma chamber right through the middle?
a) shield
b) cinder-cone
c) composite
d) combination

Which of the following are features of the ocean floor?
a) mountains, volcanoes, and waterfalls
b) trenches, mountains, and beaches
c) mountains, cliffs, and canyons
d) trenches, rift valleys, and abyssal plains

Why do some continents have coastlines that fit like a puzzle?
a) theory of continental drift
b) earthquakes
c) erosion
d) volcanic eruptions

Which could cause chemical weathering?
a) rocks
b) acid rain
c) wind
d) water

Why do most volcanoes erupt along plate boundaries?
a) because they are in hot places
b) because the plates move and create magma
c) because earthquakes happen there
d) because magma just happens to be there

A crack in the Earth's crust is known as a
a) eruption
b) fault
c) volcano
d) abyss

The sudden movement of Earth's crust is called
a) a hurricane
b) an earthquake
c) a fault
d) an eruption

An unmoving pool of magma below Earth's crust is called
a) hot spot
b) hot pot
c) lava
d) spring

Magma comes to Earth's surface and then hardens into
a) lava
b) rock
c) minerals
d) obsidian

An opening in the Earth's crust that magma flows out of is...
a) a crack
b) a fault
c) a mountain
d) a volcano

A scientist who studies the structure and history of Earth
a) life scientist
b) engineer
c) geologist
d) biologist

What consists of gases around the Earth?
a) atmosphere
b) stratosphere
c) hydrosphere
d) lithosphere

A physical feature on Earth's surface is known as a
a) landform
b) volcano
c) mountain
d) abyss

What is the rocky outer layer of the Earth called?
a) core
b) crust
c) mantle
d) hydrosphere

What is the inner-most parts of the Earth known as?
a) core
b) crust
c) mantle
d) hydrosphere

What is the outer part of the Earth where our water is kept known as?
a) atmosphere
b) hydrosphere
c) lithosphere
d) stratosphere

What is the layer of Earth beneath the crust known as?
a) core
b) hydrosphere
c) atmosphere
d) mantle

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