Chapters 1-6 Vocab Test Question Preview (ID: 27751)

First Humans To Hammurabi.[print questions]

Types of social scientists include all but which of the following?
a) astrologists
b) geographers
c) historians
d) archeologists

Which of these activities would an archeologist do?
a) read documents
b) study Earth's features
c) examine artifacts
d) make maps

What could the early hominid Lucy do that other animals could not?
a) make fires and cook meat
b) carry her children in her arms
c) make tools such as sharp knives
d) hunt for food in a large group

Which hominid was the first to use fire?
a) Australopithecus Afarensis
b) Homo Sapiens Sapiens
c) Homo Habilis
d) Home Erectus

Which group of hominids left behind cave art?
a) Homo Sapiens Sapiens
b) Homo Habilis
c) Homo Erectus
d) Neanderthals

What does Mesopotamia mean?
a) Dry mountainous land
b) Land between two rivers
c) Sea of desert
d) Land between two deserts

What is not a part of an ancient Sumerian irrigation system?
a) drawbridges
b) canals
c) dams
d) levees

What evidence shows that Sumerians were NOT prehistoric?
a) cuneiform writing
b) statues
c) ziggurats
d) irrigation ditches

Hammurabi is best know for what?
a) his system of roads
b) his code of laws
c) his military strength
d) his postal service

What is the name for the Old Stone Age where people were hunter/gatherers?
a) Sumerian Age
b) Neolithic Revolution
c) Neolithic Age
d) Paleolithic Age

The Neolithic Age began with what discovery?
a) farming
b) migration
c) trade
d) hunting

Which is NOT an invention of the ancient Sumerians?
a) spear
b) wheel
c) arch
d) levee

Once Hammurabi became a leader, what did he rule over?
a) a city-state
b) an empire
c) a country
d) an artifact

What was in the center of most ancient Babylonian cities?
a) a scribe
b) a chariot
c) an irrigation system
d) a ziggurat

What was common during the Neolithic Age?
a) People settled down and began farming.
b) People moved from place to place looking for food.
c) Shelter was temporary and found in caves or tents.
d) Trade was rarely done.

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