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Ancient Greece.[print questions]

A time of great achievement is called a _________ age.
a) medieval
b) bronze
c) classical
d) current

Features of Greece’s geography include
a) many rivers and waterfalls
b) jungles and tropical rainforests
c) deserts
d) mountains and rugged coastlines

What does the Greek word “polis” mean?
a) city-state
b) peninsula
c) democracy
d) acropolis

How would living near the sea affect the Greek people?
a) The sea provided irrigation for many crops that were grown.
b) The sea was a source of food and served as a trade route.
c) People could invent a new language.
d) They could develop agricultural advancements.

The acropolis of a city-state was
a) a high hill with a school on top
b) a courtroom
c) a temple built to honor all Greek gods and goddesses
d) a high hill with a fortress where people went for safety

The marketplace of a city-state is called the
a) acropolis
b) forum
c) agora
d) delta

A landform that is surrounded by water on three sides is a/an
a) island
b) continent
c) land bridge
d) peninsula

A body of water that provides shelter and safety for boats is a
a) harbor
b) sea
c) river
d) lake

Greece is located on the
a) Atlantic Ocean
b) Nile River
c) Mediterranean Sea
d) Indian subcontinent

Because of their proximity to the Mediterranean Sea, Greek people
a) became excellent shipbuilders and sailors
b) traveled to Egypt for vacations
c) became skilled warriors
d) raised camels on their farms

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