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When yeast and paramecia were added together, some of the yeast were ingested (eaten) by the paramecia. This activity is connected to which life function?
a) reproduction
b) excretion
c) nutrition
d) reproduction

Which choice is NOT part of cell theory?
a) Cells are the basic units of life
b) All living things are made of one or more cells
c) All cells come from other living cells.
d) New cells have the same nuclei as those of pre-existing cells.

If the temperature and pressure stay the same, three different pieces of the same material will have the same:
a) shape
b) mass
c) density
d) volume

A cube is 1 cm on each side and has a mass of 2 grams. Will it float in water?
a) yes
b) no
c) the only way to tell is to put it in water
d) only if Mr. Butcher says it will float

Organisms are grouped into a five-kingdom classification system based on their structure and their
a) common ancestory
b) habitat
c) food preferences
d) social behavior

When one variable of the graph goes up while the other goes down, what type of relationship is this?
a) Direct
b) Indirect
c) Cyclic
d) No relationship

The grouping of objects or events based on similar characteristics is called
a) observation
b) inference
c) classification
d) measurement

An object has a mass of 14 grams and a volume of 28 cm3 (cubic centimeters) What is its density
a) 2.0 g/cm3
b) 14 g/cm3
c) 28 g/cm3
d) 0.5 g/cm3

Why do scientists make graphs of data from experiments?
a) to observe general trends and patterns in the data
b) to make the observed data more accurate
c) to prevent errors in measuring data
d) to help change the original data tables

The units of density could be
a) milliliters per gram
b) gram
c) milliliters
d) grams per milliliter

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