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A combination of high winds and low pressure causes what?
a) A hurricane's storm surge
b) A tsunami
c) A ocean thunderstorm
d) High and low tide

What is a long period of little rainfall and dry weather?
a) Drought
b) Heat
c) Summer
d) Dehydration

Thunderstorms are formed in what type of clouds?
a) Cumulonimbus Clouds
b) Altostratus Clouds
c) Cirrus Clouds
d) Stratus Clouds

When a warm front moves in the warm air does what?
a) Moves over the cold air
b) Moves under the cold air
c) Wraps around the cold air
d) Stays next to the cold air

A cyclone is an area of low pressure known for?
a) storms and precipitation
b) dry weather
c) fog and rain
d) sleet and hail

When the air pressure falls which type of precipitation is likely to occur?
a) Rain and snow
b) Sleet and rain
c) Hail and snow
d) Fog and rain

The boundary where unlikely air masses meet but do not easily mix
a) front.
b) air mass.
c) jet stream.
d) anticyclone.

Tornadoes and thunderstorms for in
a) the same type of clouds.
b) different types of clouds.
c) the same types of air masses.
d) different tpyes of air masses.

What effect is known as a small change in the weather today can cause a larger change in the weather a week later?
a) Butterfly Effect
b) Bumblebee Effect
c) Fly Effect
d) Hummingbird Effect

A flash flood is know for what?
a) Being very sudden and violent
b) Being very slow and nonviolent
c) Being somewhat fast and violent
d) Being somewhat fast and nonviolent

High winds in the most dangerous part of what storm?
a) Snowstorm
b) Thunderstorm
c) Hail storm
d) Rain storm

Satellites and weather balloons do what?
a) Collect weather data
b) Fly around
c) Collect moisture data
d) Find weather patterns

Wind speed can be found on the small lines at the end of the stem that represents
a) wind direction.
b) wind strength.
c) precipitation direction
d) precipitation amount

Dry and clear weather usually comes with what?
a) Anticyclone
b) Cyclone
c) Warm front
d) Cold front

A continental polar air mass affects the northern United States by bringing
a) cold, dry air.
b) cold, wet air.
c) warm, wet air.
d) warm, dry air.

Usually, 2 centimeters of rainfall would equal how many centimeters of snow?
a) 20 centimeters
b) 25 centimeters
c) 200 centimeters
d) 250 centimeters

In order for clouds to form what must happen?
a) The air must be cool and particles need to be in the air
b) The air must be warm and no particles need to be in the air
c) The air must be freezing and fog needs to be in the air
d) The air must be hot and oxygen needs to be in the air

A psychrometer measures what?
a) Relative Humidity
b) Humidity
c) Temperature
d) Wind Speed

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