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A comma, space, or tab is called this when using the Text to Column feature?
a) Limitation
b) Delimiter
c) Spacer
d) Character

Grammar check will catch which of the following?
a) Double words
b) Synonyms
c) Misspelled words
d) None of these

True or False: Reverse type refers to light text on a dark background
a) True
b) False

The red/yellow/green method is used most often to show what?
a) The steps to complete a project
b) The end result of a project
c) The status of a project
d) The team members of a project

True or False: You can change around items in a table that is copied from a spreadsheet and pasted as a picture into a presentation
a) True
b) False

Which of these is not considered a style change to a header?
a) Changing the color
b) Changing the font size
c) Changing the text spacing
d) Changing the emphasis

Which of the following checks spelling of a document at the end of its composition?
a) Autocorrect
b) Grammar check
c) Word count
d) Spellcheck

True or False: You always have to use colors when creating tables.
a) True
b) False

Which emphasis is more often used to highlight headings?
a) Bold
b) Strikethrough
c) Underline
d) Italics

A slide transition refers to what action in a presentation?
a) Title headings on a slide
b) Movement from slide to slide
c) Movement of objects on a slide
d) None of the above

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