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Why does the king call a meeting?
a) to get ideas from the cobbler
b) to offer his princess's hand in marriage
c) to turn the queen into a bush
d) to talk about stopping the dragon

What is the main problem of the story?
a) The eldest son got eaten by the dragon.
b) The queen got turned into a rosebush.
c) The king is foolish.
d) A dragon is ravaging the kingdom.

What does the dragon do after the youngest son recites the poem?
a) falls to the ground laughing
b) falls down dead
c) eats the youngest son
d) runs away

The youngest son was___
a) wise
b) loyal
c) clever
d) strong

How does the cobbler feel about the meeting with the king?
a) happy
b) like he does not belong
c) like he can make a difference
d) like he is afraid of the dragon

What two things did the king try do to get rid of the dragon in the beginning of the story and failed?
a) ask the cobbler for help and tell the eldest son to slay the dragon.
b) send the middle and the youngest son to slay the dragon
c) tell his knights to slay the dragon and ask the wizard to cast a spell
d) send the princess to slay the dragon and turned the queen into a bush

The wizard is_______
a) powerful
b) a bad guy
c) incompetent
d) angry

What kind of person is the king?
a) powerful and strong
b) soft spoken and shy
c) wise and caring
d) ineffective and foolish

Which of the following is the turning point of the story?
a) The eldest son sets off to slay the dragon.
b) The youngest son slays the dragon.
c) The dragon is ravaging the village.
d) The king calls a meeting of the towns people.

Who or what is causing a problem in the story?
a) the wizard
b) the cobbler
c) the dragon
d) the eldest son

What did the youngest son do in the resolution of the story?
a) He killed the dragon.
b) He married the princess.
c) He brought the wizard back his book of spells.
d) He followed his fathers advice.

Who followed the cobbler's advice?
a) The wizard
b) the king
c) the eldest son
d) the youngest son

What might be a lesson learned from reading this fairytale?
a) Always try your best.
b) Listen to your parents even if you don't think it makes sense.
c) Stay away from dragons.
d) The strongest always wins.

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