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The gold rush of the mid 1800's got a lot of people to move to ....?
a) Florida
b) New York
c) California
d) Europe

What was an effect of the Colombian Exchange?
a) More Native Americans wanted to get into showbiz
b) Native Americans began building more luxurious town centers
c) Europeans began to learn how to digest food properly
d) Native Americans died because of the diseases the Europeans brought over

Europeans migrated to America in the 1800's because.....?
a) There were more sports events
b) America had and abundance of fertile land
c) There was and increase in production in the watermill economy
d) There was a disease that was killing millions of Europeans

What factors affected the climate of Death Valley?
a) Humidity
b) Cold Ocean
c) Rain Shadow
d) Snow

A reason for the stable support of the U.S. political system is...?
a) because of food stamps
b) because people go to college
c) because there is plenty of nuclear bombs in the governments control
d) because the American people get to choose their government officials

Why did many large urban areas (cities) grow and expand in the 20th century?
a) The highway system allowed people to drive larger distances from and to work.
b) There was increased water systems that allowed people to sanitize more frequently
c) There was an increase in phone services
d) There was an increase in Hollywood movies being made

What would be a effect of a well-planned national transportation network?
a) Rail road’s break a lot
b) People have more access to various products
c) Raw materials are scarcer
d) More Restaurants that serve burgers

What was a reason for many Europeans to migrate to New York City?
a) New York had more entertainment
b) Economic opportunities
c) There was increased sanitary controls
d) There was more technology and air ports

What was an effect of the construction of the Interstate Highway?
a) There was less buildings being built in the suburbs
b) People started migrating away from urban centers and expanding the economy to the suburbs
c) There was more trees being planted for increased Oxygen
d) There was a decrease in subway systems

How do rural villagers typically live?
a) They usually travel a lot to far away parts of the world
b) They usually have the newest technology
c) They usually live in luxury
d) They usually engage in substance agriculture and work in their homes

What is a command economy?
a) Where the government decides what products to produce
b) Where free enterprise is the way of the economy
c) Supply and demand is how the economy works
d) Where consumers decide what to produce

How did the affordability of air condition re-shape America?
a) It allowed people to move north
b) It signaled to people that the government was threatening to take their guns away
c) Immigrants are forced to assimilate to the new country's culture
d) It allowed people to settle in more hot places

Where would a solar-power panel be most useful?
a) A place where there is constantly sun
b) A place where it is cold and damp
c) A place where there is plenty of water around
d) A place where there is plenty of snow

When new immigrants migrate to a new country, how can groups create a more diverse culture?
a) The culture and traditions of the new immigrants combine with the present culture and create new ones
b) The government forces new immigrants to leave their cultures and traditions in their old countries
c) Immigrants are forced to assimilate to the new country's culture
d) Governments force people to move into concentration camps

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