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What powerful position did William Marcy Tweed hold?
a) head of the U.S. Immigration Bureau
b) governor of New York State
c) New York City’s Democratic Party boss
d) a political cartoonist in Cincinnati

Which of the following resulted from rapid urbanization?
a) increased racial violence against African Americans
b) better medical care for factory workers
c) a more even distribution of wealth among urban residents
d) a widening gap between rich and poor

Which of the following best characterizes urban areas by the early 1900s?
a) slums and tenements
b) a growing middle-class population
c) open spaces, trees, and grass
d) ethnically mixed neighborhoods

Which of the following did not contribute to the growth of cities?
a) migration to the suburbs
b) improvements in transportation
c) construction of skyscrapers
d) immigration

When African Americans left southern farms in the late 1800s, where did they relocate?
a) in western mining towns
b) in Mexican border towns
c) in nearby cities
d) in suburbs

What typically led an immigrant to achieve success in America?
a) improved medical care
b) welfare and social service programs
c) determination and hard work
d) high wages won by labor unions

How were Asians regarded by many white Americans?
a) with suspicion and hostility
b) with respect and admiration
c) as productive farmers
d) as good neighbors

Where did European immigrants often settle in the United States?
a) in western railroad towns
b) in their ports of entry
c) in the South
d) near lakes

What first attracted the Chinese to the United States?
a) repeal of the Chinese Exclusion Act
b) the ideals of political equality
c) the desire for free land
d) recruitment by railroad companies

Nativist groups such as the American Protective Association supported
a) the Comstock Law.
b) the social gospel movement.
c) immigration from southern and eastern Europe.
d) the teaching of only American culture in schools.

Prohibition groups saw a link between drinking and
a) abuses by big business.
b) lower public morals.
c) anti-Asian feelings.
d) high tariffs.

Purity crusaders wanted to rid their communities of
a) ethnic neighborhoods.
b) industrial pollution.
c) vice.
d) aggressive political campaigns.

Idealists in the settlement movement believed that social workers should
a) be members of the lower class.
b) make charity a scientific enterprise.
c) have a northern European background.
d) live in poor neighborhoods.

The typical staff member of a settlement house
a) spent many years at this job.
b) worked for little or no pay.
c) believed in nativism.
d) believed in prohibition.

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