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Luke Meets Juliette on a _________________.
a) Airplane
b) Boat
c) Car
d) Train

They will fly over the Atlantic ______________.
a) Sea
b) Lake
c) Country
d) Ocean

The plane is carrying ________________ from France
a) Oil
b) Perfume
c) Electronics
d) People

______ gives people choices.
a) Trade
b) Planes
c) Oceans
d) laptops

Juliette takes a phone call on a _______________.
a) GPS
b) iPod
c) laptop
d) string

What is this chapter about?
a) French perfume
b) singing songs
c) playing games
d) riding trains

What does Juliette use to talk to her boss?
a) lipstick
b) laptop
c) iPad
d) ocean

What is the phone call on a laptop called?
a) Video conference
b) Instant messaging
c) facebook
d) iTalking

What will the U.S. do with the French perfume?
a) sell it
b) throw it away
c) poison it
d) buy it

Why do countries trade goods that they already make?
a) to give people options
b) to confuse people
c) to make people upset
d) because every person in the U.S.A. is a millionaire and can afford things from every country

What makes a video conference different from a phone call?
a) you can't hear any sound during a video conference
b) you can see and hear each other in a video conference
c) people can write messages in bottles
d) video conferences are not a real thing

What is important to know about this chapter?
a) France is far away
b) Trading gives people choices
c) countries only have one kind of good
d) Luke is a freeloader

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