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The information collected during an experiment is called __________?
a) data
b) a conclusion
c) a variable
d) a hypothesis

Scientists make ___________ to help them make a hypothesis or collect data during an experiment.
a) observations
b) conclusions
c) problems
d) analyses

After the experiment, scientists organize and _______________ the data
a) analyze
b) collect
c) use
d) get rid of

The _________ variable is part of the experiment that is affected by the independent variable.
a) dependent
b) conclusion
c) problem
d) data analysis

The first step of the scientific method is to define or identify the ___________.
a) Problem
b) Observations
c) Hypothesis
d) Conclusion

Sometimes scientists make a mistake, or ___________ and need to do an experiment again.
a) error
b) problem
c) hypothesis
d) conclusion

Scientists use their data to make charts and ________ to communicate the results of the experiment.
a) graphs
b) hypotheses
c) observations
d) variables

After the scientists makes a hypothesis, they perform a(n) __________ to collect data.
a) experiment
b) conclusion
c) observation
d) data analysis

The ___________ is an educated guess.
a) Hypothesis
b) Conclusion
c) Problem
d) Observation

The ______________variable is the part of the experiment that is being test or the part that is changed by the person doing the experiment.
a) Independent Variable
b) Dependent Variable
c) Hypothesis
d) Observation

After an experiment, scientists write a(n) _____________ which summarizes their experiment.
a) conclusion
b) hypothesis
c) observation
d) data analysis

The ______________ ______________ is a process used by scientists to find answers to questions or solve a problem.
a) Scientific Method
b) Independent Variable
c) Dependent Variable
d) Data Analysis

The __________ describes the steps you use during an experiment.
a) procedure
b) independent variable
c) dependent variable
d) control

The __________ is the part of an experiment that is NOT being tested and is used for comparison
a) control
b) dependent variable
c) independent variable
d) data

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