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A young boy found a large box that he can use to make a fort. He put some other “treasures” he found into the box, so that its weight is 22 pounds. He tied it to the back of his bike and is pulling it down the road (μs = 0.45, μk=0.32). With what fo
a) 7.04
b) 9.9

A construction worker is sliding a 74-kg box of bricks across a wooden board (μs = 0.26, μk=0.12). If the man pushes with a force of 92 Newtons, how fast will the box accelerate? Make the calculation for when the box is already moving.
a) .068
b) 87
c) 725.2

While driving down a country road, a man has to stop because a 410-pound rock has fallen off of a hill and has landed in the middle of the road (μs = 0.45, μk=0.32). What is the frictional force the man must overcome to get the rock to move?
a) 184.5 lbs
b) 1384.74

A 450-kg box is sliding across a floor (μs = 0.45, μk=0.32). What is the frictional force between the box and the floor?
a) 144 N
b) 4608 N
c) 1411.2 N

If an astronaut weighs 150 Newtons on Mercury (where the acceleration due to gravity is 3.95 m/sec2), how much does she weigh on earth?
a) 1215.18 N
b) 372.15 N

If a box of cargo bound for space exploration weighs 2,455 pounds on earth, what will its weight be on the moon? (The acceleration due to gravity on the moon is 5.3 ft/sec2.)
a) 1327.7 lbs
b) 406.6 lbs

A rock has a mass of 523 grams. What is its weight in Newtons?
a) 5.12 N
b) 53.36 N

A 501-pound rock has fallen onto a frozen pond that you want to use as an ice-skating rink. If you push the rock with a force of 16 pounds, how fast will the rock accelerate? (You can assume that there is no friction between the rock and the ice.)
a) 15.65 slus
b) 1565 slugs
c) 51.122 slugs
d) 5.122 slugs

A father is teaching his young daughter to ice skate by pulling her across the ice with a short rope. If the daughter (whose mass is 25 kg) starts to accelerate at 0.35 m/sec2, with what force is the father pulling her? (Assume no friction)
a) .875 N
b) 8.75 N

A 345-kg box is sliding across a floor (μs = 0.35, μk=0.22). What is the frictional force between the box and the floor?
a) 3381
b) 1081.92

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