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Which migration pattern was a result of desegregation and nicknamed 'white flight'?
a) Urban to suburban
b) Rural to urban
c) Urban to rural
d) Suburban to rural

Which amendment guarantees all citizens 'due process', also called equal protection, under the law?
a) Fourteenth
b) Nineteenth
c) Eighteenth
d) Twenty-Second

The feminist movement was started by Betty Friedan with her book called....
a) The Feminine Mystique
b) Silent Spring
c) The Tale of Two Cities
d) I Have A Dream

Poll taxes, gerrymandering and voter intimidation were all tactics used to....
a) Limit minority groups ability to vote.
b) Weaken the power of the robber barons.
c) Increase regulation of campaign finance.
d) Increase awareness of the Harlem Renaissance

Which of the following is a right all citizens have in America because of Miranda v. Arizona?
a) Right to a trial by jury
b) RIght to economic equality
c) Right to higher education
d) Freedom of speech.

How did governors such as Orval Faubus in the LIttle Rock Crisis try to stop desegregation of schools?
a) They argued that the federal government didn't have the legal authority for it.
b) They created interest groups to lobby for their cause.
c) They passed legislation to cut school funding.
d) They used demonstrations and protests such as 'sit-ins' to nonviolentally resist the government mandate.

Which of the following groups most supported the ERA?
a) National Organization for Women
b) National Rifle Association
c) Environmental Protection Agency

Brown v. Board of Education started...
a) Desegregation of public schools
b) The Cold War
c) The end of the Vietnam War
d) The Interstate Highway Act

Which Supreme Court decision ruled that 'separate but equal' was unconstitutional?
a) Brown v. Board of Education
b) Plesey v. Ferguson
c) Wisconsin v. Yoder
d) Sweatt v. Painter

What is the nickname for your rights to a lawyer when arrested?
a) Miranda Rights
b) Faubus Rights
c) Integration Responsibilities
d) Civil Disobedience

Which law requires schools to offer the same number of sports options to both boys and girls?
a) Title IX
b) Community Reinvestment Act
c) Civil Rights Act
d) Equal Rights Amendment

E.R.A. stands for....
a) Equal Rights Amendment
b) Everyone Remember Alleghany
c) End Religious Apostasy
d) Early Rigorous Assessment

Which Civil Rights leader argued against 'separate but 'equal' in the Brown v. Board of Education Supreme Court decision?
a) Thurgood Marshall
b) Shirley Chisholm
c) Jackie Robinson
d) Martin Luther King Jr.

Which Supreme Court case declared that 'separate but equal' was constitutional?
a) Plesey v. Ferguson
b) Reynolds v. Sims
c) Brown v. Board of Education
d) Miranda v. Arizona

The desegregation of schools was also called....
a) Integration
b) Containment
c) Neutrality
d) Progressivism

Redrawing congressional district boundaries for political advantage is called....
a) Gerrymandering
b) Filibustering
c) Miranda Rights
d) Segregation

How did the Reynolds v. Sims decision change politics?
a) It requires all congressional districts be nearly the same in population.
b) Made the legislative filibuster unconstitutional
c) Banned all campaign donations by corporations.
d) Established a two-term limit for the Presidency.

The division of schools between black schools and white schools was called....
a) Segregation
b) Woodstock
c) Cold War
d) Temperance

What does the Thirteenth Amendment ban?
a) Slavery
b) Eighteen year old Voting
c) Prohibition
d) Poll Taxes

The Fifteenth Amendment guaranteed voting rights for all....
a) African-American Males
b) Women
c) Eighteen-Year Olds
d) Landowning White Men

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