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There are 609 students at a football game. Each row of bleachers can seat 21 students. How many rows of bleachers are needed to seat all the students?
a) 28 rows
b) 29 rows
c) 31 rows
d) 630 rows

A factory can produce 3,360 jellybeans every hour. If each bag contains 35 jellybeans, how many bags of jellybeans can the factory produce per hour?
a) 94 bags
b) 100 bags
c) 95 bags
d) 96 bags

In a marathon, every 18th participant will get a hat. If there are 216 people running in the race, how many will receive a hat?
a) 12 people
b) 15 people
c) 16 people
d) 24 people

The Glowing Light Company mails its candles in boxes. The boxes have 2 levels. Each level has 5 rows of 3 candles. The company wants to mail 6,360 candles. How many boxes will it need?
a) 200 boxes
b) 195 boxes
c) 212 boxes
d) 225 boxes

Cindy has 195 pieces of candy to share equally with 16 students in Mrs. Smith’s class. Cindy will keep the leftover pieces for herself. How many pieces will Cindy keep?
a) 12 pieces
b) 8 pieces
c) 5 pieces
d) 3 pieces

One medium pepperoni pizza contains 8 slices. The entire pizza contains 1,800 calories. How many calories are in one slice?
a) 360 calories
b) 225 calories
c) 240 calories
d) 250 calories

Tyler practiced his basketball shot 18 days in a row. He threw the ball the same number of times each day. Tyler took 2,178 shots during the 18 days. How many shots did Tyler take each day?
a) 121 shots
b) 125 shots
c) 118 shots
d) 112 shots

James drives the 750 miles from Raleigh to Cleveland, Ohio on Friday and back on Sunday. If the trip takes him 20 hours total how many miles does he drive each hour?
a) 60 miles per hour
b) 65 miles per hour
c) 75 miles per hour
d) 55 miles per hour

Jeremy is buying an electric guitar that costs $1,620. He will have a monthly payment of $45. How many monthly payments will Jeremy have to make to pay for the guitar?
a) 24 months
b) 10 months
c) 15 months
d) 36 months

Derrick is moving and wants to know how many boxes he can fit in the van. The volume of the van is 1,536 cubic feet. Each box is 64 cubic feet. How many boxes can Derrick fit into the van?
a) 24 boxes
b) 25 boxes
c) 32 boxes
d) 18 boxes

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