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The Civil Rights Movement.[print questions]

Which Civil Rights Leader is most well known for her role in the Montgomery Bus Boycotts?
a) Rosa Parks
b) Susan Anthony
c) Shirley Chisholm
d) Betty Friedan

At which event did Martin Luther King Jr. make his 'I Have a Dream' speech?
a) The March on Washington
b) Montgomery Bus Boycott
c) Harlem Renaissance
d) Woodstock

The Twenty-Fourth Amendment banned which of the following voting practices that the South was using to keep minorities from voting?
a) Poll Taxes
b) Literacy Tests
c) Voter Intimidation
d) Age Discrimination

Which Christian leader notably supported the Civil Rights Movement?
a) Billy Graham
b) George Wallace
c) Orval Faubus
d) Lester Maddox

Which historic movement helped cause the Civil Rights Movement?
a) Harlem Renaissance
b) Woodstock
c) Social Darwinism
d) Temperance

Which political faction most opposed the goals of the Civil Rights Movement?
a) Southern Democrats
b) Evangelical Republicans
c) Aristocratic Democrats
d) Northeast Republicans

Which phrase can most be associated with Malcolm X and the Black Panthers?
a) Civil Disobedience
b) Nonviolent Resistance
c) Change through Violence
d) Domino Theory

The Civil Rights Act made which of the following actions illegal?
a) Discriminating against employees.
b) Protesting the government's abuse of power during the Vietnam War.
c) Gathering large crowds to demonstrate against a political issue.
d) Refusing to give money to African-American candidates for political office.

The Civil Rights Movement was most focused on....
a) Expanding economic and political power to minorities.
b) Stopping the spread of communism in East Asia.
c) Holding Nixon accountable for the Watergate Scandal.
d) Making sure schools were all adequately funded.

Which phrase is most associated with Martin Luther King Jr.?
a) Civil disobedience
b) Racial separation
c) Expression through violence
d) Black power

Policies or laws that try to increase the opportunities available to minorities by giving them an advantage in admissions ares called....
a) Affirmative Action
b) Nonviolent Resistance
c) Peace Through Strength
d) One Person, One Vote

Which of the following laws made it easier for minority citizens to vote by banning literacy tests?
a) The Voting Rights Act
b) The Civil Rights Act
c) Affirmative Action Act
d) The Affordable Care Act

Which of the following did the Voting Rights Act of 1965 ban?
a) Literacy Tests
b) Poll Taxes
c) Proof of Residency
d) Age Requirements

The dividing up of public places such as schools and accommodations was called...
a) Segregation
b) Integration
c) Isolationism
d) Containment

Which law made it illegal for employers and private businesses to discriminate against customers based on their ethnicity?
a) Civil Rights Act
b) Voting Rights Act
c) Affirmative Action Act
d) Community Reinvestment Act

Which 1960's African-American civil rights leader is known for disagreeing with Martin Luther King's strategy?
a) Malcolm X
b) Marcus Garvey
c) Billy Graham
d) Rosa Parks

Who was the first African-American professional baseball player?
a) Jackie Robinson
b) Bill Gates
c) Booker T. Washington
d) Billy Graham

Which African-American civil rights leader supported a strategy of nonviolent resistance?
a) Martin Luther King Jr.
b) Malcolm X
c) Jackie Robinson
d) Shirley Chisholm

Who was the first female African-American congresswoman?
a) Shirley Chisholm
b) Sandra Day O'Connor
c) Oprah Winfrey
d) Frances Willard

Attempts to discourage voting by threatening violence or fear is called.....
a) Voter intimidation
b) Demonstrations
c) Civil Disobedience
d) Gerrymandering

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