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Why was the Great Wall of China built?
a) To show the power of China
b) To keep water and farmland from eroding
c) To protect the Chinese from the Mongols
d) The keep prisioners from escaping

Who was the first Emperor?
a) Yu
b) Shih Huang Ti
c) T'ai Tsung
d) Zhao Kuangyin

When was the census created and the forbidden city built?
a) Qing dynasty
b) Qin dynasty
c) Ming dynasty
d) Tang dynasty

What are oracle bones?
a) A system for telling the future
b) bones carved with sacrifices and questions
c) bones carved by rulers and read by priests
d) all of the above

Which Dynasty started the civil service system?
a) Qin
b) Tang
c) Han
d) Qing

In what dynasty did the Silk Road become established?
a) Qing
b) Han
c) Tang
d) Zhou

What was the first Dynasty of China?
a) Yu
b) Shang
c) Xia
d) Tang

What does it mean to have a Mandate from Heaven?
a) To be chosen by heaven to rule
b) to follow all rules of heaven

What is the official language of China?
a) Chinese
b) Mandarin
c) Asian
d) English

What is Angkor Wat?
a) Religious Temple in India
b) Emperor's palace
c) part of the great wall
d) Temple in Japan

What is the capital of India?
a) Tokyo
b) New Delhi
c) Manila
d) Beijing

Where is the forbidden city located?
a) Mongolia
b) Singapore
c) Beijing
d) Angkor Wat

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