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Who was Muhammad
a) The last prophet of Islam
b) The Founder of Islam
c) A blacksmith
d) only #1 and #2...

Shinto is the belief in?
a) The natural world
b) cleanliness
c) spirits
d) all of these are beliefs of Shinto.

Why was the Taj-Mahal built?
a) As a religious temple
b) in memory of a beloved wife
c) to reach nirvana
d) As a show of power and money

Which of the following is not one of the 5 pillars of Islam?
a) declaration of faith
b) pilgrimage
c) helping others
d) sacrifice

What is the meaning of monotheism?
a) belief that one is all powerful
b) there can by many gods to be worshiped
c) there is only one God
d) Judaism is the only correct theory of religion.

Which of the following is not one of the 5 pillars of Islam?
a) Prayer
b) studying scripture
c) fasting
d) charity

Reincarnation is the Idea that you will be reborn hopefully in a higher social class than you were before... the idea this is based on is?
a) Brahman
b) Karma
c) Kami
d) Kshatriyas

Which of the following is not a Noble Truth?
a) Human life has suffering
b) Suffering is caused by being poor
c) there is an end to suffering
d) The way to end suffering is to follow the middle path.

What is the principle of Jen
a) Basically all people are good
b) your well being is directly related to the well being of others

What is nirvana?
a) belief in spirits, Kami
b) a state of endless peace and happiness
c) heaven
d) a religious temple in China

Which of the following most correctly identifies a goal of Confucius?
a) to keep people out of jail
b) to fear the law
c) to put all criminals in jail
d) to develop a virtuous society

According to Confucius, which is the better way to rule?
a) Teach and enforce the laws
b) Allow people to do what they want
c) Teach people virtue and proper behavior
d) Rule with strong Force

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