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Which group of people are iron and folate especially important for:
a) Elderly
b) Men
c) pregnant women

Children should be required to eat the same amount of food every day
a) True
b) False

All Children grow at the same rate
a) True
b) False

When are babies ready to begin eating solid food?
a) between 6 and 8 months
b) between two and four months
c) between four and six months

____ and ___ affect the availability of food
a) Location
b) season
c) Time of day
d) both a and b

The ______ single out 4 types of vegetables as most important in the diet.
a) Health and Human Services
b) Dietary Guidelines for Americans
c) Food and Drug Administration
d) none of the above

How much water should a person who weighs 130 lbs drink?
a) 65 oz
b) 55 oz
c) 75 oz

Malnutrition is possible in the land of plenty if
a) people eat too much of the required nutrients
b) people eat too little of the required nutrients
c) both a nd b
d) none of the above

Food can be healthy but the way it is prepared can destroy the nutrients
a) true
b) false

Which energy producing food would be best to eat the night before a marathon
a) steak
b) sweets
c) complex carbohydrates

Which advertising tactic uses celebrities to promote a product
a) false claims
b) infomercials
c) scare tactics
d) celebrity endorsement

What are the consequences of not taking obesity seriously
a) cancer
b) diabetes
c) death
d) all of the above

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