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The State Representative for Park Forest is
a) Robin Kelly
b) Elena Kagan
c) Sandra Day OConnor
d) HIllary Clinton

The Speaker of the House is
a) Paul Ryan
b) Jesse Jackson Jr
c) Joe Biden
d) John Boehner

Another current US Senator is
a) Richard DUrbin
b) Jesse jackson
c) Anthony Deluca
d) Rahm Emanuel

The Secretary of State is
a) John Boehner
b) Hoyt Warren
c) John Kerry
d) Joe Biden

The Vice President of the US is
a) Hoyt Warren
b) Joe Biden
c) Barack Obama
d) John Kerry

The president of the US is
a) Hoyt Warren
b) Joe Biden
c) Barack Obama
d) Mrs. Gbur

Who is the Supreme Court Justice?
a) Hoyt Warren
b) John G. ROberts
c) John Kerry
d) Joe Biden

One of Illinois' current US Senators is
a) Mark Kirk
b) Jesse Jackson, Jr.
c) Anthony DeLuca
d) Joe Biden

A naturalized citizen cannot become
a) A senator
b) president
c) a representative
d) a justice

Electoral College was established by the Constitutional Convention because
a) the founding fathers wanted to keep the common people from making a mistake
b) they wanted a longer election period
c) they wanted to confuse the American people
d) none of the above

Powers that both the federal and state governments have
a) delegated powers
b) reserved powers
c) inherent powers
d) concurrent powers

Treason is
a) Talking against the United States
b) Not mentioned in the Constitution
c) Refusing to vote
d) aiding the enemies of your country

A law that punishes for crime committed before the action was illegal is called
a) Writ of habeas corpus
b) bill of attainder
c) ex post facto law
d) original jurisdiction

The section in the Constitution that gives Congress the power to pass laws necessary and proper to fulfill its other duties
a) Preamble
b) Elastic Clause
c) Bill of rights
d) judicial review

A person has the right to appear in person, in court
a) Ex Post Facto Law
b) Writ of habeas corpus
c) bill of attainder
d) judicial review

The first woman to be appointed a Supreme Court Justice was
a) Sandra Day O'Connor
b) Anita Hill
c) Hilary Clinton
d) Elizabeth Dole

Type of law that punishes without a trial
a) Appellate Jurisdiction
b) Writ Of Habeas Corpus
c) Bill of attainder
d) judicial review

The number of amendments added to the Constitution
a) 35
b) 27
c) ten
d) 16

Which of the following is not a Supreme Court Justice
a) Ruth Bader Ginsberg
b) Elena Kagan
c) Clarence Thomas
d) Joe Biden

Amendments can be ratified by
a) Two-thirds vote of each house of Congress
b) legislatures of two-thirds of the states
c) legislatures of three-fourths of the states
d) conventions in two-thirds of the states

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