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Atoms get their energy from
a) Protons
b) Neutrons
c) Electrons
d) Nucleus

Each element has a different number of
a) Protons and Electrons
b) Protons and Neutrons
c) Ions and Electrons
d) atoms and molecules

A chlorine atom that is negatively charged is written as
a) Cl -
b) Cl+
c) C-
d) C+

The only true non polar bond is between the same
a) cations
b) Anion
c) Molecules
d) electrons

A negative ion is a(n)
a) Anion
b) Cation
c) Polar
d) Non Polar

Ionic bonds form
a) Compounds
b) Molecules
c) Elements
d) Atoms

Covalent Bonds form
a) Compounds
b) Molecules
c) Elements
d) Atoms

What do we call the electrons on the outer shell
a) Exit Electrons
b) Oxidation electrons
c) Valence Electrons
d) Shell Electrons

Which of the following is a formula that describes carbon dioxide
a) Co2
b) CO2
c) C2O
d) CO

What group has a full outer shell
a) Halogens
b) Alkali Metals
c) Noble Gasses
d) Lanthanides

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