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What organization encourages trade between European countries?
a) Allied Union
b) Trade Union
c) European Union
d) Countries Union

What is the most common currency in Europe?
a) pound
b) euro
c) dollar
d) peso

What type of economy does the United Kingdom have?
a) market
b) traditional
c) command
d) parliamentary

Who is Russia's most powerful leader?
a) Chancellor
b) Prime Minister
c) President
d) King

Elizabeth II is queen of which country?
a) United Kingdom
b) Russia
c) Italy
d) Belgium

What is the fastest growing religion in Europe?
a) Judaism
b) Christianity
c) Islam
d) Hinduism

What are the Bundestag and Bundesrat?
a) United Kingdom's Parliament
b) Germany's Parliament
c) France's Parliament
d) Australia's Parliament

What government gives citizens full and equal rights to participate?
a) Democracy
b) Autocracy
c) Oligarchy
d) Dictatorship

What is the dominant religion of Eastern and Western Europe?
a) Judaism
b) Christianity
c) Islam
d) Hinduism

What type of languages are French and Italian?
a) Slavic
b) Romance
c) Germanic
d) Latin

What is the largest country in the world?
a) Russia
b) United States
c) China
d) Canada

The worst nuclear disaster in history occurred here:
a) United Kingdom
b) France
c) Ukraine
d) Italy

What island nation includes England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland?
a) Australia
b) Hawaii
c) United Kingdom
d) Japan

What is one major concern in Europe?
a) acid rain
b) wildfires
c) cold weather
d) destruction of the rainforest

What is the world's largest inland sea?
a) Aegean Sea
b) Mediterranean Sea
c) Adriatic Sea
d) Red Sea

Which European country is shaped like a boot?
a) Italy
b) France
c) Belgium
d) United Kingdom

What peninsula is occupied by Spain and Portugal?
a) Italian Peninsula
b) Iberian Peninsula
c) Scandinavian Peninsula
d) Yucatan Peninsula

What mountain range forms the boundary between Europe and Russia?
a) Alps
b) Pyrenees Mountains
c) Ural Mountains
d) Rocky Mountains

Europe's rich farmland is found in the:
a) Continental Plain
b) European Plain
c) European Shelf
d) Continental Drift

The English Channel lies between what two countries?
a) Great Britain and France
b) Great Britain and Italy
c) Great Britain and Germany
d) Great Britain and Belgium

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