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Complete the statement: After delivery, the baby of a full term well managed Gestational Diabetes pregnancy...
a) ...should be monitored in the NICU for 24 hours
b) ...should be monitored for signs of hypoglycemia for at least 12 hours
c) ...should be formula fed to ensure stable blood sugar
d) ...should have vital signs monitored more frequently

Which of the following is TRUE?
a) Because blood sugar usually returns to normal after delivery, follow up care is not needed
b) Daily blood sugar monitoring must continue for six weeks postpartum
c) Mothers who had Gestational Diabetes can not breastfeed
d) Due to increased risk of Diabetes Type II, blood sugar should be checked every three years

Which of the following is the BEST way Gestational Diabetes can be prevented?
a) Weight loss during the first trimester
b) Invitro Fertilization
c) Practicing a healthy lifestyle before getting pregnant
d) Taking insulin

Complete the following statement: First and foremost management of Gestational Diabetes should be through...
a) ... prescribed medication
b) ... healthy diet plan and exercise
c) ... weekly sonograms
d) ...once daily blood sugar monitoring

Which of the following IS a potential complication of Gestational Diabetes for the MOTHER?
a) C-section
b) Hypotension
c) Anemia
d) Weight gain

Which of the follwing is NOT a possible complication for BABY in a Gestational Diabetes affected pregnancy?
a) Diabetes Type II development later in life
b) Preterm birth
c) Fetal demise
d) Cardiac anomaly

Which of the following statements is FALSE?
a) If a previous pregnancy was complicated by Gestational Diabetes so will all future ones
b) Gestational Diabetes is usually developed in the second trimester
c) Gestational Diabetes can affect the health of both the mother and baby
d) The exact cause of Gestational Diabetes is unknown

If a patient fails the one hour glucose challenge test, which is most likely to occur next?
a) The patient is diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes
b) The patient will be put on a strict diet and exercise plan
c) The patient will be asked to return for a glucose tolerance test
d) The patient will be prescribed insulin

Who is screened for Gestational Diabetes ?
a) Only women with risk factors
b) Only women under 25 years old
c) Only women who have had Gestational Diabetes before
d) All pregnant women

Which of the following is NOT a risk factor for Gestational Diabetes?
a) Previous pregnancy loss
b) Twin pregnancy
c) Hypothyroidism
d) Chronic hypertension

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