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Any of several threadlike bodies, consisting of chromatic, that carry the geners in a linear order
a) chromosome
b) DNA
c) Mutation
d) trait

The dividing of a cell in repduction or growth.
a) cell division
b) mutation
c) DNA fingerprinting
d) diversity

The set of non-genetic traits, qualities, or features that characterize a person or thing (deoxyribonucleic acid)
a) DNA
b) RNA
c) Trait
d) Chromosome

A sudden departure from the parent type in one or more heritable characteristics
a) mutation
b) trait
c) chromosome
d) DNA

A distinguishing characteristic or quality
a) trait
b) DNA
c) cell division
d) diversity

The inclusion of individuals representing more than one national origin, color, etc.
a) diversity
b) DNA
c) ethics
d) co-dominance

Of or relating to two different alleles that are fully expressed in a heterozygous individual
a) co-dominance
b) trade-off
c) ethics
d) diversity

The use of DNA probe for the identification of an individual
a) DNA fingerprinting
b) ethics
c) co-dominance
d) Gregor Mendel

A set of moral principles
a) ethics
b) co-dominance
c) trade-offs
d) diversity

The exchange of one thing for another of more or less equal value.
a) trade offs
b) ethics
c) co-dominance
d) diversity

A german scientist who was recognized as the founder of modern genetics.
a) Gregor Mendel
b) Andrew Flemming
c) Anne Hathoway
d) Mr. DeWitt

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