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Jane will ____ yummy pizza.
a) eat
b) ate
c) ever
d) each

I know ___ you are.
a) who
b) why
c) could
d) well

Don't sit down over ____.
a) there
b) three
c) then
d) that

I can see ___ water.
a) under
b) want
c) up
d) could

I have ___ fish.
a) three
b) there
c) then
d) she

First Jake swam in the pond. ____ he went for a walk.
a) Then
b) Three
c) Those
d) The

Jan ___ not see out her window.
a) could
b) close
c) then
d) three

Let's do this ____!
a) eat
b) age
c) again
d) under

I have a ___ puppy to play with!
a) know
b) new
c) neck
d) not

Jack can't ___ his new pencil yet.
a) us
b) up
c) under
d) use

____ you please pass the dressing?
a) Could
b) Why
c) Which
d) Under

Ben worked and ___ he played.
a) three
b) there
c) then
d) which

Match the number: 3
a) there
b) then
c) one
d) three

Do plants grow under ____?
a) three
b) could
c) under
d) there

___ are you?
a) Why
b) Then
c) Who
d) Well

Don't ___ that!
a) ate
b) under
c) after
d) eat

Don't do that ___!
a) again
b) new
c) there
d) what

Brad got a ___ pencil from the cup.
a) now
b) know
c) new
d) next

Jill can't ___ the patch.
a) us
b) use
c) under
d) what

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