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What is the shape of DNA?
a) double helix
b) triple ladder
c) double felix
d) twisted lines

A string of nucleotides with the instructions for a trait is called a ________________________.
a) gene
b) governing section
c) letter pair
d) ribosome

DNA must ________________________ before a cell divides.
a) replicate
b) make three copies
c) condense
d) not copy

A nucleotide is made up of what three things?
a) sugar, phosphate, and a nitrogen base
b) sugar, phosphate, and a bass guitar
c) sugar, photosynthesis, and a nitrogen base
d) nitrogen base and phosphate only

Forensic scientists can solve crimes using a person's ________________________.
a) DNA fingerprint
b) DNA line of termination
c) genetic hologram
d) key to a mystic portal

Changes in a base of DNA are _____________________.
a) mutations
b) copies
c) replications
d) nucleotides

DNA is made up of subunits called ______________________________________.
a) nucleotides
b) chromosomes
c) super particles
d) nuclei

DNA is wound up into structures called ___________________.
a) chromosomes
b) DNA fingerprints
c) nucleotides
d) genetic particles

The amount of cytosine always equals the amount of __________________ in a DNA sequence.
a) guanine
b) adenine
c) thymine
d) cytosine

If 60% of a DNA sample is thymine, then there will be 60% _________________.
a) adenine
b) guanine
c) uracil
d) cytosine

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