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What did Adolf Hitler do in 1933?
a) He destroyed the democratic government and became a dictator. Achieved 1st goal take over Germany
b) Invade Russia
c) Invade Great Britain
d) had Vladimir Lenin Executed

WHen did Hitler come into power?
a) 1933
b) 1918
c) 1914
d) 1917

Why did Nazi's power grow?
a) offered cures for Germany's economic power, appealed to Germans Nationalism by increasing the armed forces
b) Convinced Germans that they could protect them from potential enemies like Russia
c) Organized private, armed groups to terrorize anyone who opposed them so few people spoke out against them
d) all of the above

What is fascism?
a) government system where the people have all the power
b) government system where power rests with a few people
c) governmental system led by a dictator having complete power forcibly suppressing opposition and often racist
d) governmental system led by democracy

Who was Hitler racist against?
a) Jews, Slavs, Blacks, Gypsies, Handicapped
b) Aryans, and Americans
c) Germans, Russians, Slavs
d) No one

Who were the Aryans
a) Bolsheviks- brown hair, brown eyes, brown skin
b) Master Race-blond hair, blue eyes, fair skin
c) Gypsies
d) Jews

What political party started drawing attention?
a) Bolshevik Party
b) Nazi Party
c) Democratic Party
d) Republican Party

Who was leader of the Nazi Party of Germany
a) Vladimir Lenin
b) Csar NicholasII
c) Prince Henry
d) Adolf Hitler

What book did Adolf Hitler write?
a) German Revolution
b) Mein Kampf (My Struggle)
c) Mein Life (My Life)
d) HE did n't write a book

What was Germany's democratic government called?
a) Weimer Republic
b) German Autocratic Government
c) Nazi Government
d) Hitler's Government

How were the people in Germany suffering?
a) millions of Germans could not find jobs
b) there were riots in the streets
c) Germans did not believe their leaders could improve their situation, they were starving
d) all of the above

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