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What was a regular citizen in the Roman Republic known as?
a) Patricians.
b) Peasants.
c) Plebeians.
d) Serfs.

What was a wealthy, important citizen in the Roman Republic known as?
a) Aristocrat.
b) Patrician.
c) Plebeian.
d) Tyrant.

People in the Roman Republic elected a(n) _____ to lead the government.
a) Consul.
b) Dictator.
c) Senator.
d) Tyrant.

The role of the Senate in the Roman Republic was to
a) accept or reject the decisions of the consuls.
b) be sure that the consuls followed the laws.
c) collect taxes and manage the large estates outside of the city.
d) debate and approve laws.

What were the Twelve Tables?
a) Earliest written Roman law.
b) Land division laws left by Etruscans.
c) Meeting place in the center of Rome.
d) Place where emperors would eat.

A person in the Roman Republic appointed to rule for six months in times of emergency, with almost absolute power.
a) Caesar.
b) Consul.
c) Dictator.
d) King.

What is the word used in the Roman Republic for an action to reject a proposed action?
a) Denial.
b) Proclamation.
c) Rejection.
d) Veto.

Public square of an ancient Roman city, the center of judicial and business affairs, and a place of assembly for the people.
a) Agora.
b) Bazaar.
c) Forum.
d) Market.

This was an example of limiting of power in the Roman Republic.
a) Consuls served one year terms.
b) Dictators ruled with total power.
c) Only one consul served at one time.
d) Senators served life terms.

One of the reasons Caesar was killed was because he
a) broke up estates and gave them to plebeians.
b) lost control of the large territory of Gaul.
c) ruled for too long and ruled like a king.
d) took away the rights of the plebeians.

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