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Causes Of The Revolution.[print questions]

One reason news of events such as the Boston Massacre spread quickly is because
a) horses were faster in America.
b) of the many large cities within the colonies.
c) the British government set up an efficient postal system within the colonies.
d) the Committee of Correspondence wrote letters to other colonies.

The Townshend Acts taxed
a) lead and cotton.
b) paper and sugar.
c) tea and glass.
d) tobacco and rice.

Which of the following was taxed by the Stamp Act?
a) Legal documents.
b) Stamps.
c) Sugar.
d) Tea.

After the passing of the Stamp Act, British exports to the colony declined. Which of the following protest by the colonists explains the decline in British exports?
a) Boycott.
b) Mock hangings.
c) Petition.
d) Riots.

Which is NOT a reason colonists were angered over the Proclamation of 1763?
a) Colonists were kept from the fertile land of the west.
b) Many colonists had to remove themselves form land they settled west of the Appalachian Mountains.
c) The Proclamation created a tax on tea and paper.
d) There were more British troops brought to the colonies.

Which group would have supported the Tea Act?
a) Colonial merchants.
b) Patriots
c) Sons of Liberty
d) The British East India Company.

Which is the topic discussed at the First Continental Congress?
a) Boston Massacre.
b) French and Indian War.
c) Intolerable Acts.
d) Proclamation of 1763.

What was the initial goal of the Sons and Daughters of Liberty?
a) Declare independence from Britain.
b) Get unjust taxation repealed.
c) Lobby for cheap tea.
d) Write letters to other colonies.

This word refers to a colonist who wished to remain joined with Britain and sympathized with the British government.
a) Loyalist.
b) Patriot.
c) Neutralist.
d) Redcoat.

A product of the Townshend Acts, these documents gave British troops authority to search any colonial ship with no warrant.
a) Committees of Correspondence.
b) Federalist Papers.
c) Proclamations.
d) Writs of Assistance.

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