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A factor that can affect the outcome of an experiment is called a
a) hypothesis
b) prediction
c) variable
d) model

Which of the following steps to solve a problem is done first
a) test a hypothesis
b) interpret data
c) form a hypothesis
d) observe, and ask questions

Which tool is used to measure volume in the metric system?
a) balance
b) graduated cylinder
c) spring scale
d) thermometer

When conducting an experiment, which is the best way to record data?
a) Make a bar graph while taking the measurements
b) Write everything down after you are finished
c) Make a table to record your data as you collect it
d) Write things down on a sheet of paper and organize it later

Juan is making and flying airplanes with different shaped wings. What is he doing?
a) experimenting
b) hypothesizing
c) investigating
d) communicating

Why do scientists do each part of their investigation several times?
a) to be sure their data is accurate
b) to make their experiment look more impressive
c) to use up all of their materials
d) because it\\\'s fun

If you wanted to see more detail on the surface of a rock, what tool would you use?
a) dropper
b) forceps
c) microscope
d) thermometer

What does an experiment test?
a) a fact
b) a hypothesis
c) a theory
d) a variable

Why is using a thermometer or graduated cylinder more scientific than estimating temperature or volume?
a) It is easier.
b) It is more accurate.
c) It looks more scientific.
d) It uses up more class time.

A tool used to measure the mass of an object is a
a) balance
b) graduated cylinder
c) thermometer
d) hand lens

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