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Where did the Ottoman empire begin?
a) Africa
b) Byzantium
c) Constantinople
d) Turkey

What led to the end of the Ottoman Empire at the close of World War I?
a) The Ottoman government was overthr factory workers who were unemployed when the war ended.
b) The Empire spent too much money on buildings and new roads and went bankrupt.
c) The people in the Empire were scause a long drought had ruined culture.
d) The Ottomans were on the losing side of the war, along with Germany and italy.

What is a violent anti-Jewish riot called that began spreading to parts of Eastern and Central Europe from Russia?
a) Racism
b) Ottomans
c) Pogroms
d) Hostilities

What is the United States main economic interest in Southwest Asia?
a) Tourism
b) Oil
c) Trade Routes
d) Selling American-made product

In 2001 which country did the United States bomb and invade for offering safety to the Al-Qaeda terrorist organization?
a) Iran
b) Iraq
c) Kuwait
d) Afghanistan

Who was the leader and dictator of Iraq that was accused of harboring WMD's?
a) The Ayotollah
b) The Sheik
c) Saddam Hussein
d) Osama Bin Laden

What is one reason that the United States continues in resolving conflicts in Southwest Asia (Middle East)?
a) The United States must protect historical sites in this region.
b) The United States wants to preserve the cultures of this region.
c) The United States is dependent upon the natural resources of this region.
d) The United States wants to prevent communicsm from spreading in this region.

Which of these has been a source of conflict between Israelis and Palestinians in the Middle East?
a) differing political systems
b) opposing economic systems
c) competing claims to the land
d) contrasting views about the role of women

Which of these characteristics is shared among the 3 major religions of Southwest Asia?
a) All worship one God
b) All forbid the eating of pork.
c) All consider Jesus a prophet.
d) All require pilgrimages to Mecca.

Which of these is a purpose of Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC)?
a) to control the price of oil
b) to promote education for all citizens
c) to lower tariffs for Southwest Asian products
d) to prevent conflict between Southwest Asian Countries

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