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19. ______________and his army were defeated by Native Americans in Tampa Bay, which forced them to leave Florida. Later _______died in Cuba from his wounds.
a) Hernando de Soto, de Soto
b) Jean Ribault, Ribault
c) Panifilo de Narvaez
d) Rene Laudonniere, Laudonniere

18. The population of Native Americans ______________ in Florida because European explorers brought _______________over to North America.
a) stayed the same
b) increased
c) decreased
d) none of the above

17. Africans came to ________________in FL to _______________ and live freely. ¬¬-
a) Ft. Caroline, relax
b) Fort Moses, relax
c) Fort Moses, escape slavery
d) Ft. Caroline, escape slavery

16. Mendendez de Aviles attacked the French at Fort Caroline and the ______________lost.
a) Spanish
b) French
c) native americans
d) None of the above

15. Provisions were delivered to settlers by __________ to Fort Caroline.
a) boat
b) helicopter
c) horse and carriage
d) air plane

Spain used Florida's coastal settlements to ___________their treasure fleets from enemies.
a) destroy
b) protect
c) build
d) keep

14. ____________, _____________ , ______________, and _________________ are used to protect a fort.
a) Forts, ditches, cannons, and fences
b) Troops, forts, ditches, and cannons
c) Cannons, ditches, wall of earth, and fences
d) all of the above

The French king sent Jean Ribault back to Florida to ________________.
a) protect Ft. Caroline
b) claim more land
c) fight the native americans
d) none of the above

People from Spain lost interest in Florida because _____________.
a) it was surrounded by water
b) the native americans were already here
c) there was nothing to do
d) found no gold or silver

The Apalachee adopted the European way of life, like ________, cattle, and hogs.
a) boating
b) fishing
c) fighting
d) farming

Who was wounded during a fight with the Calusa and later died of his injuries?
a) Juan Gerrado
b) Juan Ponce deLeon
c) Hernando deSoto
d) Esteban Dorantes

What 3 things did France use to defend Ft. Caroline?
a) cannons, bow and arrows, and strong walls
b) ditches, bow and arrows, and cannons
c) guns, ditches, and cannons
d) ditches, strong walls, and cannons

Which two tribes used dugout canoes to find seafood?
a) Timucua and Calusa
b) Tequesta and Apallachee
c) Tequesta and Calusa
d) Apallachee and Tocobago

Why did Hernando de Soto and his army leave Tampa Bay in 1539?
a) Because they were chased by native americans
b) Because they didn't find gold
c) Because their boat sunk
d) Because the King called them back

When two countries or groups make an agreement or pact, this pact is called a _________________.
a) treaty
b) constitution
c) compact
d) agreement

A ____________is a settlement governed by another country.
a) tribe
b) colony
c) county
d) state

What is a spiritual figure that is often found in a Timucua village called?
a) villager
b) God
c) chief
d) Shaman

What is the name of a hallowed out treetrunk?
a) dugout canoe
b) shell
c) tee-pee
d) hut

What is the name a person is given if they buy and sell good?
a) shaman
b) chief
c) merchant
d) chipawaw

20. The English soldiers destroyed most of the________in Florida, causing the Spaniards to lose interest in Florida in the 1560’s.
a) coastline
b) land
c) forts
d) missions

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