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Computer Tech 1 Shortcut Keys Review.[print questions]

Justifies text in a Word document
a) Ctrl+J
b) Ctrl+T
c) Ctrl+L
d) Ctrl+A

Opens the replace dialog box
a) Ctrl+H
b) Ctrl+R
c) Ctrl+D
d) Ctrl+F

These two keys will select all text or objects on a page
a) Ctrl+A
b) Ctrl+S
c) Ctrl+T
d) Ctrl+O

These keys will redo any undo action
a) Ctrl+Y
b) Ctrl+Z
c) Ctrl+R
d) Ctrl+X

Pressing these keys will undo any action
a) Ctrl+Z
b) Ctrl+Y
c) Ctrl+U
d) Ctrl+A

Cuts the selected text from it's location and places it on the clipboard
a) Ctrl+X
b) Ctrl+Y
c) Ctrl+V
d) Ctrl+C

Saves the current document
a) Ctrl+S
b) Ctrl+C
c) Ctrl+D
d) Ctrl+Z

Opens the print dialog box
a) Ctrl+P
b) Ctrl+D
c) Ctrl+O
d) Ctrl+B

Opens a file
a) Ctrl+O
b) Ctrl+N
c) Ctrl+F
d) Ctrl+J

Opens a new file
a) Ctrl+N
b) Ctrl+F
c) Ctrl+O
d) Ctrl+M

Applies italics to the selected text
a) Ctrl+I
b) Ctrl+L
c) Ctrl+C
d) Ctrl+U

Finds a word on a page
a) Ctrl+F
b) Ctrl+P
c) Ctrl+W
d) Ctrl+C

Creates a hyperlink
a) Ctrl+K
b) Ctrl+B
c) Ctrl+V
d) Ctrl+X

Selects paragraphs
a) Shift+Ctrl+up or down
b) Shift+Ctrl +right or left
c) Shift+up
d) Shift+down

Underlines selected text
a) Ctrl+U
b) Ctrl+L
c) Ctrl+J
d) Ctrl+V

Selects on character at a time
a) Shift+right or left
b) Shift+up or down
c) Shift+Ctrl+up or down
d) Shift+Ctrl+left or right

Indents selected text
a) Ctrl+M
b) Ctrl+I
c) Ctrl+T
d) Ctrl+1

Quits a frozen application
a) Ctrl+Alt+Del
b) Ctrl+Q
c) Ctrl+Alt+Shift
d) Ctrl+Shift+Alt

Right aligns text
a) Ctrl+R
b) Ctrl+A
c) Ctrl+1
d) Ctrl+H

Select words
a) Shift+Ctrl+Left or right
b) Shift+Ctrl+ up or down
c) Shift+left or right
d) Shift+up or down

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