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What was the League of Nations?
a) A fight to the death
b) A new type of weapon
c) another name for the U.S.
d) Group of Nations that vowed to work together to ensure that a world war would never occur again.

DiD the United States join?
a) Yes, U.S. was the first to sign it.
b) no, U.S. senate did not ratify (Accept) the Treaty of Versailles and never became a member of the League of Nations
c) Yes, the U.S. signed it along with France and Germany
d) No, because France didn't sign it.

What part of the Treaty of Versailles was most damaging to the German Economy?
a) Germany had to pay reparations to the Allies (especially Belgium and France)
b) Small army and navy
c) taking blame for the war
d) France invasion of Germany

What are reparations?
a) Money given to you for good work
b) buildings and roads
c) Payment by a government to a group of people for loss or damage
d) large army and navy

What did Wilson's 14th point propose?
a) The creation of the league of Nations
b) a peace conference
c) tight restrictions on Germany
d) Russian Revolution

What did Germany have to do?
a) Pay reparation to the Allies, Take blame for the war, give up land, colonies, limit their armed forces
b) rebuild Belgium and France, take money from United Kingdom
c) build up their army, navy, and airforce
d) invade Poland

How did the Allies hope to keep Germany from becoming too powerful again?
a) pay reparations
b) gave them a bigger army
c) create a league of Nations
d) would not let Germany have a large army or navy (armed forces)

Who was blamed for WWI?
a) Italy
b) Austria-Hungary
c) Germany
d) Ottoman Empire

Where and When was the Treaty of Versailles signed
a) Germany in June 2, 1918
b) Hall of Mirrors in the Palace of Versailles in France in June 28,1919
c) Russian Summer Palace in July 18, 1818
d) Belgium in August 1933

What was the name of the Treaty that ended WWI?
a) Treaty of Versailles
b) Allie Treaty
c) Central Powers Treaty
d) Germany's Treaty

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