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Simplifying, Adding, Subtracting, Distributive, Properties, Factoring.[print questions]

Simplify: 4b+6-7b
a) -3b+6
b) 3b+6
c) 11b+6
d) -11b+6

Add: (3x-4) + (-9x-5)
a) 12x-1
b) -6x-9
c) -6x+9
d) -12x-9

Subtract: (10x-4)-(2x+6)
a) -8x-10
b) -8x+10
c) 8x-10
d) 12x+10

Distribute: 7(-2x-4)
a) -9x-11
b) 9x+11
c) 14x+28
d) -14x-28

Factor: 12x+24
a) 12(x+2)
b) 12x(2)
c) 4(3x+6)
d) cannot be factored

How do you subtract expressions?
a) Keep the first set of parentheses, change subtraction to addition, then change the signs in the second parentheses
b) add like terms
c) Keep first set of parentheses, change subtracting to multiplication, change terms in second set of parentheses
d) you cannot subtract expressions

What is the distributive property?
a) when you add everything on the inside with everything on the outside
b) when you multiply every term on the inside by the term on the outside
c) when you subtract everything on the inside from everything on the outside
d) when you divide everything on the inside by everything on the outside

Simplify: 2x-x+5x-4+18
a) 6x-14
b) -6x-14
c) -6x+14
d) 6x+14

a) 19x+1
b) 19x-1
c) -19x-1
d) -19x+1

Factor: 6x-38
a) 2(3x-19)
b) 6(x-6)
c) 3(2x-10)
d) cannot be factored

Subtract: (-6x-6)-(8x+3)
a) 14x+9
b) -14x-9
c) -14x+9
d) 14x-9

Which property states that 5x(1)=5x
a) identity property
b) distributive property
c) associative property
d) commutative property

Which example shows the property of zero?
a) 5(1)=5
b) 8+0=8
c) 12(0)=0
d) none of the above

Which property says that no matter how you group a set of numbers, the answer will stay the same?
a) commutative property
b) identity property
c) property of zero
d) associative property

Which property states that no matter which order numbers are in, the answer will remain the same?
a) associative
b) commutative
c) identity
d) distributive

Which example demonstrates the commutative property?
a) 4x3x7=3x4x7
b) (9x8)x8=9x(8x8)
c) 0(9)=0
d) 4+0=4

Factor: -10x+25
a) -10(x+2)
b) 25(x+10)
c) 5(-2x+5)
d) cannot be factored

Add: (9x-4)+(-6x+12)
a) 15x+16
b) 3x+8
c) -3x-8
d) -3x+8

Distribute: 7(x-9)
a) 7x-16
b) 7x-63
c) 7x-3
d) cannot be distributed

Simplify: 10x+4+13
a) 10x+17
b) 14x+13
c) 13+4
d) 10x

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