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What is the main function of the leaves?
a) absorb sunlight
b) transport water
c) absorb water
d) anchor plant

The function of the roots are to...
a) absorb water
b) anchor the plant
c) take in water
d) all are good answers choices

The xylem is responsible for
a) transporting food
b) give the plant its color
c) absorb light
d) transporting water

Which is responsible for gas exchange in the plant?
a) xylem
b) stomata
c) roots
d) phloem

The phloem transports
a) sugar/food
b) oxygen
c) carbon dioxide
d) water

Which molecule is NOT absorbed/taken in by plants?
a) water
b) sunlight
c) carbon dioxide
d) oxygen

Light absorbing molecules are called
a) chloroplast
b) roots
c) leaves
d) pigments

Organelle found in plants but not in animals
a) mitochondria
b) ribosome
c) chloroplast
d) nucleus

Which of the following is a product of photosynthesis?
a) sugar
b) water
c) carbon dioxide
d) sunlight

If the xylem was removed from a plant what would be affected?
a) sunlight absorption
b) color of plant
c) plants age
d) water absorption

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