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Which is an example of something that transfers heat by radiation?
a) the sun
b) stove burner
c) hot air balloon
d) wind currents

Pink powder is added to water, and the result is a red liquid. What kind of change has occurred?
a) physical
b) chemical
c) gaseous
d) nuclear

Why does a flannel blanket provide warmth to a person on a cold night?
a) The blanket is a conductor of heat, so it warms the person’s body.
b) The blanket is unable to remain cool, so it warms the person’s body.
c) The blanket is warmer than the air in the room, so it warms the person’s body.
d) The blanket acts as an insulator, slowing the rate at which a person’s body loses heat.

Before pots and pans were invented, people cooked using smooth stones at a fire pit. Which best describes a characteristic of stones that made them a good choice of cookware?
a) Stones cool quickly.
b) Stones flavor the food.
c) Stones absorb and hold heat well.
d) Stones create steam when they are heated.

Which keeps the water cycle going?
a) the sun
b) the ocean
c) the clouds
d) the plants

Lucas noticed a large amount of clouds in the air. What phase change has taken place?
a) evaporation
b) condensation
c) freezing
d) melting

During winter months, people worry about the water pipes in their house breaking. Which best explains why?
a) Water in pipes can freeze, contract, and the added pressure can break water pipes.
b) Water in pipes can melt, expand, and the added pressure can break water pipes.
c) Water in pipes can freeze, expand, and the added pressure can break water pipes.
d) Water in pipes can melt, contract, and the added pressure can break water pipes.

Megan added 100 g of water to a pot that weighed 600 g, placed a 200 g airtight lid on top, and boiled water. After boiling, why does the container still have a mass of 900 g?
a) The water evaporated and left the pot.
b) The water did not go through any change.
c) The water was heated, adding mass to the pot.
d) The water evaporated but then condensed on the lid.

Which is an example of a chemical change?
a) salt dissolving in water
b) a piece of paper burning
c) wax crayons melting
d) a cup of ice freezing

How is boiling water an example of convection?
a) Warm water rises, heat energy is transferred from the bottom of the pan to the top, the cool water sinks, the process repeats
b) Cool water rises, heat energy is transferred from top of the pan to the bottom, cool water then rises, the process repeats
c) The stove heats the pot, heat energy is transferred from the outside of the pot in, then the cool water moves to the edges

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