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History Civics Of S+E Asia.[print questions]

What is the role of the emperor of Japan?
a) symbolic leader
b) military leader
c) economic leader
d) elected leader

The governments of India and Japan are similar because they are both:
a) parliamentary democracies
b) absolute monarchies
c) autocracies
d) ruled by the British Empire

Which of the following events occurred most recently?
a) The Tiananmen Square protest
b) The Cultural Revolution
c) The Great Leap Forward
d) The Communists take over China

What was a major result of the Cultural Revolution?
a) Millions of Chinese were persecuted.
b) Communism spread to Korea and Vietnam.
c) Mao Zedong and the Communists were removed from power.
d) The U.S. declared war on China and North Korea.

The objective of the Great Leap Forward was to:
a) modernize China's economy
b) imprison opponents of Mao Zedong
c) expand literature and the arts across China
d) take over the weakened state of Japan

Why did the U.S. rebuild Japan after World War II?
a) The U.S. needed a strong ally in eastern Asia.
b) The U.S. wanted to dominate Japanese trade.
c) The U.S. was trying to scare the British Empire.
d) The U.S. wanted to stop the Indian independence movement.

Since the U.S. wanted to stop the spread of communism, it fought wars in both:
a) Korea and Vietnam
b) China and India
c) Japan and Indonesia
d) Mongolia and Laos

Mohandas Gandhi led the Indian independence movement against:
a) British rule
b) armies of communist soldiers
c) the Japanese Empire
d) invading Chinese forces

How were the Indians able to achieve independence against the British?
a) They had high amounts of nationalism.
b) They fought against American forces.
c) They received help from the North Korean military.
d) They defeated China in a series of wars.

Which type of government is currently utilized in modern China?
a) communism
b) constitutional monarchy
c) parliamentary democracy
d) confederation

South Korea is an example of:
a) a presidential democracy
b) a communist state
c) a parliamentary democracy
d) a constitutional monarchy

Extreme limitations on personal freedoms and voting rights are found in:
a) China
b) India
c) Japan
d) South Korea

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