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What is a purpose of a magic helper in traditional literature?
a) They help the main character with his/her problem
b) They allow the plot to progress.
c) They help to resolve the main conflict in the fairy tale.
d) All of the above

What is an example of the rule of three used in a fairy tale?
a) the three little pigs
b) three wishes
c) neither a nor b
d) both a and b

Why is the rule of three often used in stories?
a) to help the reader count to three
b) because there are always 3 main characters in a story
c) to make the story more interesting
d) because characters always have to do three tasks

Fairy tales often include all of the following EXCEPT
a) a president
b) royalty (like a princess)
c) a magic character
d) a bad guy or villain (antagonist)

The rule of three is often used
a) in the falling action of the story as the tension eases
b) during the turning point in a story
c) during the resolution of the story after the turning point
d) during the rising action of the story as tension builds toward the climax

Fairy tales are
a) informational text
b) are fictional stories
c) are non fiction stories
d) were written to persuade

Fairy tales --
a) have a realistic plot line.
b) have a plot line that features unbelievable events.
c) usually have historical settings and characters.
d) contain real information.

Fairy tales have all of the following EXCEPT--
a) often happened long ago.
b) often have only good guys.
c) often end with happily ever after.
d) often begin with once upon a time.

not an example of the rule of three--
a) the three bears
b) the three little pigs
c) Tom and Jerry
d) clicking heels together three times

An example of a magic helper--
a) The prince
b) Cinderella
c) Cinderella's Fairy Godmother
d) The evil stepmother

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