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Where is DNA found in the cell?
a) Ribosomes
b) Mitochondria
c) Cytoplasm
d) Nucleus

What is DNA's job?
a) to be burned for cell energy
b) to capture energy from the sun
c) to provide the code for making proteins
d) to allow what enters and leaves the cell

What makes your DNA different from your classmates?
a) The deoxyribose
b) the phosphate group
c) the order of nitrogen bases
d) Having A, T, G, and C

In DNA, which of the following nitrogen bases matches with Thymine?
a) Thymine
b) Adenine
c) Guanine
d) Cytosine

In DNA, which of the following nitrogen bases matches with Guanine?
a) Thymine
b) Adenine
c) Guanine
d) Cytosine

If a section of DNA has 34 Cytosine bases, how many Guanine bases should it have?
a) 68
b) 17
c) 15
d) 34

At the end of DNA replication, what do get?
a) a protein
b) one new strand of DNA
c) two identical strands of DNA
d) One new strand of DNA and one old strand of DNA

Which of the following is a function of proteins
a) long term energy storage
b) insulation
c) short term energy storage
d) formation of body structures like hair, nails and muscles

What are proteins made of?
a) amino acids
b) glycerol
c) monosaccharides
d) fatty acids

What makes one protein different from another?
a) the number of amino acids in a chain.
b) the type of amino acid in the chain
c) the order of amino acid in the chain
d) all of the above.

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