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When would fermentation take place
a) When there is too much oxygen
b) When there is too little water
c) When there is too much sunlight
d) When there is too little oxygen

Cellular respiration occurs in what type of organisms
a) Heterotrophs
b) Autotrophs
c) Heterotrophs and autotrops
d) none of the above

What is the overall purpose of photosynthesi and celluar respiration
a) To release oxygen into the atnosphere
b) To absorb carbon dioxide
c) To recycle water
d) to transforn sunlight into chemical energy

How are photosynthesis and cellular respiration related?
a) They have opposite equations
b) They both produce carbon dioxide
c) They have the same equation
d) They both produce oxygen

What are the products for cellular respiration.
a) Glucose and Oxygen and electromagnetic energy
b) Water and carbon dioxide and chemical energy
c) Glucose and water and electromagnetic energy
d) Cardon dioxide and oxygen and chemical energy

The reactants in cellular respiration are
a) Glucose and oxygen
b) Glucose and Carbon dioxide
c) Carbon dioxide and water
d) Carbon dioxide and oxygen

Which organelle is responsible for releasing the majority of the energy from glucose, during the process of cellular respiration
a) in the chlorophyll
b) in the chloroplast
c) in the mitochondria
d) in the cytoplasm

Where does the first stage occur in cellular respiration?
a) in the nucleus
b) in the chloroplast
c) in the mitochondria
d) in the cytoplasm

Which equation below shows cellular respiration?
a) Water + Oxygen + Sunlight ---------Carbon dioxide + Glucose
b) Carbon dioxide + Glucose -------- Water + Oxygen + chemical energy
c) Glucose + Oxygen ------- Carbon dioxide + Water + chemical energy
d) Carbon dioxide + Water + Sunlight ---------Glucose + Oxygen

What happens during cellular respiration?
a) Water and carbon dioxide are converted into energy.
b) Chlorophyll is released into the bloodstream.
c) Glucose is broken down, releasing energy.
d) Oxygen is released into the air.

Where does stage 2 of cellular respiration occur
a) in the chloroplast
b) in the mitochondria
c) in the ribosome
d) in the cytoplasm

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