Unit 15 Insurance Basics Module 156 Comprehension Check Question Preview (ID: 27631)

Unit 15 Insurance Basics Module 156 Comprehension Check.[print questions]

Some of the benefits to having property insurance include a sense of responsibility, peace of mind, and protection
a) of assets
b) claim
c) Life
d) risk management.

Most states legally require drivers to carry
a) automobile insurance.
b) liability
c) risk management.
d) W4- Must be filed before you start your job

If someone is over-insured, this means that the person
a) overestimated the value of insurance he/she needs.
b) automobile insurance.
c) overestimated the value of insurance he/she needs
d) a highly detailed legal contract.

After an accident or loss, a policyholder should submit a _____________ to receive funds from his/her insurance company.
a) liability
b) Policy
c) Life
d) claim

What type of insurance pays a set sum of money to survivors to help pay expenses and debts associated with the death of a person?
a) Renter Insurance
b) liability
c) Life
d) claim

The responsibility you have toward others who get injured while on your property or in your care is called
a) claim
b) Life
c) liability
d) automobile insurance.

An insurance policy is
a) a highly detailed legal contract
b) risk management.
c) automobile insurance.
d) of assets.

High Deductible =
a) lower premiums
b) Higher r premiums
c) A deductible is the amount of money you pay before the insurer will pay a claim
d) All

A strategy for protecting against the chance of loss is also called
a) risk management.
b) liability
c) claim
d) of assets.

Insurance works because lots of people think it is a good idea to insure their assets
a) Risk management
b) Policies
c) against risk of loss
d) claims

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