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As a result of colonization, one cause of ethnic diversity in the Americas is due to
a) Europeans exploring the world
b) Years of war and conflict
c) People believing different things
d) a history of slavery

Many people in South America have fought for human rights, women's rights and independence movements because
a) the rights of the people are and have been an important issue in South America
b) people love to fight
c) they had nothing better to do with their time
d) God told them to

Would a country with a high literacy rate have a high or low GDP?
a) Low
b) Very low
c) High
d) Not very high

Which direction is the Caribbean Sea from South America?
a) East
b) North
c) South
d) West

How does deforestation impact the creatures that live in the Amazon?
a) They aren't impacted
b) They become stronger
c) The animals contract diseases
d) They lose their habitat

In what two ways does the Amazon River benefit Brazil economically?
a) Travel and drinking water
b) Hydroelectricity and farming
c) Trees and tours
d) Trade and transportation

South America is ENTIRELY in which hemisphere?
a) Southern
b) Eastern
c) Western
d) Northern

How does the Amazon Rainforest benefit Brazil economically?
a) 100% of the world's paper supply, a little ranching as well
b) It does not benefit Brazil's economy very much
c) 20% of the world's oxygen supply, medicines produced by plants
d) All of the world's furniture is produced from the rainforest, and it meets to global demand for beef

Which country contains the majority of the Amazon rainforest?
a) Ecudaor
b) Brazil
c) Peru
d) Venezuela

What effect did Christopher Columbus' discovery of the Americas have in Europe?
a) It sparked competition between European countries wanting to colonize
b) It had little effect
c) People were excited about making new friends in the Americas
d) Europe's economy suffered

This man helped many South American nations gain independence.
a) Michael Jordan
b) Christopher Columbus
c) Alfred Hitchcock
d) Simon Bolivar

What effect did Columbus' discovery of America have on indigenous (native) people?
a) Many of them died due to war, disease and slavery
b) They became good friends and developed the Americas together
c) They moved somewhere else
d) They decided to move to Europe

Most coffee growing countries are near which political geographic feature?
a) The prime meridian
b) The Arctic Ocean
c) The Equator
d) Peru

What is the main activity Argentinian gauchos do?
a) Farming
b) Building cities
c) Logging
d) Cattle ranching/herding

What are the three reason Europeans came to colonize the Americas?
a) Good food, good life, good opportunity
b) God, gold, and glory
c) Land, food, and wealth
d) Family, fun and friends.

What physical geography determines the clothing of Bolivian cholita luchadoras?
a) Mountains
b) Rivers
c) Beaches
d) The city

The Galapagos Islands are part of which country?
a) Venezuela
b) Ecuador
c) Bolivia
d) Guatemala

Why are there so many unique animals on the Galapagos Islands?
a) Because they're super animals
b) Because it's isolated and their traits help them survive
c) Because there's a lot of them
d) Because they've always been there

What does life expectancy mean?
a) How long an individual will likely live
b) How old someone is
c) Outliving the dinosaurs
d) Being very old

These are Venezuela's two greatest exports.
a) Cookies and Coke
b) Baseball and beef
c) Soy beans and cattle
d) Baseball players and oil

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