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If an animal cell is placed in HYPERTONIC solution, what happens to the cell?
a) shrinks from water loss
b) cell swells and bursts
c) solute moves in and out
d) nothing happens

What term is used to describe when two solutions have reached a balanced state?
a) Tonicity
b) Hypotonic
c) Hypertonic
d) Equilibrium

How are osmosis and diffusion similar processes?
a) both move high to low concentrations
b) both move water molecules
c) both move solute molecules
d) they move low to high concentrations

Active transport goes against the concentration gradient. What does that mean?
a) goes low to high
b) goes high to low

Cell 80% water 20% solute, a solution with 60% water and 40% solute. What type of solution is this?
a) Isotonic
b) hypertonic
c) hypotonic
d) equilibrium

Plant cells will become turgid when placed in this type of solution.
a) hypertonic
b) hypotonic
c) isotonic
d) megatonic

Which type of transport allows water to cross the plasma membrane?
a) osmosis
b) diffusion
c) ionization
d) active transport

When placed in a solution of 30% water 70% salt, what would happen to a cell that is 70% water?
a) it will remain the same size
b) it will lose water and shrink
c) it will take in water and swell
d) it will take in salt and swell

Which is a difference between active and passive transport?
a) eukaryotes do active transport, prokaryotes do passive
b) cells only do active when they need to move
c) active transport requires ATP, passive does not
d) cells with mitochondria carry out active transport

In which situation would an egg shrink?
a) 93% water in beaker, 93% water in egg
b) 91% water in beaker, 80% water in egg
c) 92% water in beaker, 99% water in egg
d) 95% water in beaker, 90% water in egg

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