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Which keys move the page up or down one screen at a time?
a) insert and caps lock
b) alt and ctrl
c) page up and page down
d) escape and delete

Which key allows text to be inserted within a line of text?
a) insert key
b) put me in key
c) spacebar
d) delete

Which key moves the cursor ahead one space at a time?
a) escape
b) spacebar
c) backspace
d) move ahead key

Which key allows you to use the numeric keypad?
a) shift
b) num lock
c) page up
d) page down

Which key moves the cursor one character to the left and deletes that character?
a) do nothing button
b) spacebar
c) backspace
d) tab

Which key removes text directly in front of the cursor?
a) backspace
b) delete
c) tab
d) insert

Which keys are used in combination with other keys to access functions that are built into your word processing software?
a) Alt and Ctrl
b) Page up and Page Down
c) Shift and Enter
d) Tab and Delete

Which key moves the cursor directly to the end of a line?
a) home
b) arrows
c) backspace
d) end

Which key moves the cursor ahead 5 spaces at a time?
a) tab
b) caps lock
c) end
d) num lock

Which key locks the alphabetic keys in uppercase so that you can easily key all capital letters?
a) insert
b) shift
c) caps lock
d) spacebar

Which key moves the cursor directly to the beginning of a line?
a) f key
b) home
c) school
d) delete

Which key moves the cursor on the screen up, down, left, and right?
a) tab and delete
b) f and j
c) escape and enter
d) arrow keys

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