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What is a melting pot?
a) when people move to another country and do not assimilate to the dominant culture.
b) When you save a pile of platic from melting in the sun.
c) when people move to another country and assimilate to the dominant culture.
d) a saying in the South, meaning that something is standard.

What is a salad bowl?
a) when people move to another country and assimilate to the dominant culture.
b) when people move to another country and do not assimilate to the dominant culture.
c) when people have food fights with only salad ingredients
d) College Football tournament event where two good teams play

What is an effect of Urban Sprawl?
a) The highway system
b) disease
c) less jobs
d) The space program

What is Urban Sprawl?
a) expansion of human population from rural areas into urban (cities) city areas.
b) The expansion of human popoulation away from central urban (cities) areas into the suburbs.
c) The crossing from Asia to North America
d) A regional fight where two sides fight it out in a city

What did the Clean Air Act of 1970 attempt to regulate?
a) To regulate space exploration and to keep Russia from beating us to the moon
b) Regulate ground emissions to keep the dirt always washed and dried
c) Regulate emissions in cyberspace and trying to find out who starts all the memes
d) Regulate Air Emissions to keep the air clean from pollution

In the 1950's, when air conditioning was affordable to the average Joe, where did people start migrating to?
a) rustbelt areas
b) sunbelt areas
c) To Canada
d) Back to Europe

What caused the Dust Bowl?
a) Companies were conducting too may horse races on vast amounts of land.
b) Too much dust in peoples houses
c) Misuse of land and a long drought
d) Cowboys were tearing up land with their many horses

Where is the Sunbelt region of the United States?
a) Southern United States
b) Northern United States
c) East Coast
d) Canada

What was some things introduced by the Europeans to the New World?
a) Cars
b) Horses, cattle, and disease
c) dirt
d) Cereal

What was areason that Europeans came to America?
a) There was better cheese in America
b) For better entertainment
c) To party better
d) For better opportunity

The Colombian Exchange was....
a) The exchange of things from Earth and Mars
b) The exchange of things from the Old World to the New World
c) The fact that Christopher Columbus went to a university named Colomiban Exchange
d) It was the interchangable rocket fuel produced by Apollo 11

What is a non-renewable source?
a) leather
b) Resource that can be replaced quickly
c) Resources that cannot be replaced once they have been removed from the ground
d) lumber

What was the land bridge tha tthe first americans crossed to get to north america?
a) Tigeria
b) New Berinn
c) Bulgaria
d) Beringia

What is a renewable source?
a) Something that can be replaced through natural process in a timely manner
b) Something that can not be replaced in a timely manner
c) Something that you can not see in the dark
d) Oil

Where is the Great Plains?
a) In the center of United States.
b) In the East Coast
c) West Coast
d) In Mexico

What side of the United States are the Rockty Mountains in?
a) East Coast
b) In Texas
c) Western United States
d) In New York

Where are the Applachian Mountains?
a) West sid e of the United States
b) Eastern side of the United States
c) In Mexico
d) West North United States

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