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The forces that hold different atoms or ions together are
a) electric currents
b) nuclear forces
c) physical bonds
d) chemical bonds

Each molecule of table sugar C12H22O11 contains
a) 0 atoms of carbon
b) 1 atom of carbon
c) 6 atoms of carbon
d) 12 atoms of carbon

Cases take up a lot of space because gas molecules
a) have weak chemical bonds
b) are not attracted to one another
c) contain very few atoms
d) have a small molar mass

Covalent bonds are formed between
a) ions
b) metal atoms
c) nonmetal atoms
d) compounds

Copper is a good conductor of electricity because its electrons
a) are positively charged
b) can move from atom to atom
c) have a 2- charge
d) are repelled by protons

The name of dinitrogen tetroxide tells you that this compound contains
a) two N atoms and two O atoms
b) four N atoms and two O atoms
c) two N atoms and four O atoms
d) four N atom and four O atoms

When copper combines with oxygen to form copper (II) oxide, the charge of the copper ion is
a) Cu 1+
b) Cu 2+
c) Cu 3+
d) Cu 4+

It is possible for different covalent compounds to have the same emperical formula because empirical formulas represent
a) a total of all ionic bonds
b) only the cations in the compound
c) a model of the compound
d) a ratio of atoms in the compound

How many chemical bonds can carbon form with other atoms?
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4

Alkanes are hydrocarbons that contain
a) single covalent bonds only
b) single or double covalent bonds
c) carbon and oxygen only
d) carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen

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